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it’s the real deal.

Over 40 years of Diverse Design Expertise

We have purposely positioned Scribble Box to handle all of your printing, design and marketing needs.  We can print banners, embroider shirts, code and create websites, shoot and edit video, and a hundred other things, all in-house.  The end result is that we know your company very well.  We know your branding, your demographics, your colors, fonts, coupon strategy and most importantly, we know your voice.  We know how to present you to the public so that over time, we’re consistently pushing your brand forward.  It also means that we know you well, too. Believe it or not, we know the names of our clients and always enjoy the opportunity to hear what’s going on in their lives, whether it’s related to their business or not.

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We do everything from simple business cards to fully interactive displays. We have the team in place to design your logo, build your website and create your unique brand. Please give us a call at 208.571.2846 or email to get started!
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