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Graphic Design Trends 2015 –

Staying on top of design trends can be daunting. It is also easy for these trend to turn gimmicky. By the time I publish this article, one of these items might be horribly out of fashion. Graphic design moves about as fast as processing power exponential amplification ratio to size! Did I lose you? Sorry, I digress…

There are certain fields I like to stay on top of, and Graphic Design is one of necessity…it pays the bills. Every so often I will Google insightful terms like “Amazing Graphic Design“, “New Design Trends“, or “Trendy Art“. Each search brings different results, but will also give a glimpse into what is happening in the art world. It helps to include areas outside of Graphic Arts. For instance “New Design Trends” brings up a lot of architecture. This is a great example of life imitating art and vice versa. Think of the architecture during the Baroque period, as well as the art. Design was very fanciful in both areas. Aesthetics tend evolve together in all areas.

So let’s get to it. Here are some of the trends that I have personally noticed springing up with some consistency, and that I believe are also strong design concepts that will help create timeless design.


This trend is exactly what it sounds like: a design consisting of two tones. For instance, blue and green:


Notice there are lots of versions of shades and tints of the teal and gray, but the design relies on just two colors.

2. FLAT –

Flat design is a minimalist, clean use of colors and shapes. Our logo for instance is a flat design –


Flat design consists of, or rather lacks, glossy effects or texture; minimal or no gradients; and no beveling. There are always exceptions to these rules (or else it wouldn’t be art!), but generally it is a design style with a flat use of color and solid shapes. I am a big fan of this design style. This is a great example of “less is more.” Also, when two tones and flat design styles are combined, you often get a very clean, eye-catching design. I love it.

3. LIGHT –

This is really common in the entertainment industries: clubs, bars, theaters, etc. It’s flashy, it’s pretty, and done correctly, can be very eye catching. Look how pretty =>






This one is oddly specific, but they are EVERYWHERE! (I’ve even snuck them into some of my designs). Just check out the Google Image Search result to see what I mean. They are modern, they are retro, they are you, they are me. Here is new client logo we just created (that we think turned out great!) using this element. It’s also two-tone!


Cold Front coming soon to the corner of McMillan and 10 Mile in Meridian, ID!


“The quality of being made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis.”

A perfectly drawn circle is a very simple shape that is symmetrical. Shapes can get more and more complex, but as long as they are equal side-to-side, they have symmetry. An example of a complex design with equal symmetry would be the Starbucks Logo.



Isn’t she lovely?


Opacity is the use of different levels of transparencies. Opaque is the use of a color or object that is solid. The wall is Opaque. You cannot see through it. The window is Translucent. You can see right through it. Well, there is a gray area between the two, and that is an object or color’s opacity….or when you can see through it a little. The use of overlaying colors with mid-range opacity levels can result in some really interesting effects.



I suppose I should probably call this “Design Trends of 2015, as of late July” …. stay tuned for the next round of trends. Try to spot them before we do!

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