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You’ve probably seen the services advertised online – $5 LOGOS! CHEAP GRAPHIC DESIGN! etc. etc. Well, that’s amazing, right? Why pay a professional designer several hundred dollars when I can get a logo for ONLY $5?!

One thing that most people don’t realize is that a lot of these services rely on spec work. What is spec work? Simply put, it is speculative work done in the HOPES of getting paid. So put yourself in those shoes. You will invest your time and talent to create something and maybe someone pays for it. How much time and attention to detail are you realistically going to sacrifice? Now imagine that the pay out is ONLY going to be $5. If that were me, I would be pumping out generic logos as quickly as possible. So, why you should never pay $5 for a logo…

Rapid fire design leads to a lot of potential problems. One of the most threatening problems is unoriginal work, and worst case scenario – plagiarism.  For instance, let’s say I generate ten similar logos with minor variations. I then place those designs on a $5-per-download site. Someone buys a variation and they trademark it; soon their business is very successful. A year later, you purchase another one of those variations and start branding your new business. Seemingly out of the blue you receive a Cease and Desist notification from a lawyer representing company A. The logos were similar enough that you have violated their trademark without even knowing it.

Another aspect that you lose in the rapid fire design model is a relationship with your designer. Your logo should be the NUMBER ONE thing that you invest in when it comes to design. Your logo sets up ALL of your color schemes, collateral, printing materials…EVERYTHING. Because of this, we at Scribble Box dedicate a great deal of time in the logo design process. We ask you many questions about your message, your goals, the feeling you want to convey, and what perception you want others to have of you. Often more time is spent on your logo than just about any other piece of design.

A designer named Sacha Greif did a great experiment with a $5 logo service, where he posed as a startup company. (You can read it in its entirety HERE.)

Some interesting things that he came across –

Remember when I mentioned plagiarism? Well, it surfaced in more than just variant design practices. There are actually plagiarized examples being used to showcase “artists” to choose from. He even mentions that, as a “customer,” he had a hard time finding a portfolio cover that DID NOT include plagiarized work. Well, that’s pretty shady.

He also brings up copyrighting which is a very important part that I didn’t mention. Will YOU own the logo when it’s done? For $5, probably not. You will not be given access to the editable files. What you get is what you get. Scribble Box will use your logo to show off to others, of course, but it is yours. You can use it as you see fit.

In the experiment, Sacha got results from a handful of $5 artists and the submissions are….interesting. One of the candidates seemed very promising. The logos they submitted were clean, interesting, and professionally presented. However, a quick reverse image look-up revealed they were in fact…..wait for it…..not their work at all. Parts of the logos submitted were downloaded from a site where ANYONE can buy a copy of a vector file. That means that YOUR logo could show up just about anywhere and there’s nothing you can do about it.

We’ve got a few examples of logos you can browse here on our site. We hope to do many many more! The most exciting time to get involved with a company is right at the beginning. We will help you get off on the right foot from the start! We will also help you re-image your logo if you need. Logos can be modernized or updated to become your very own timeless icon! And that’s the secret word – TIMELESS. A great logo will stand the test of time, be recognizable, and stand out in full color, black and white, or even silhouetted. A few examples of a timeless icon are Nike, McDonalds, and Volkswagen. All of these very clean and well designed logos are so easily recognizable that sometimes the company name isn’t even needed! Now that’s good marketing!

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