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Marketing Trends

You see it everywhere – “Trending” or

Marketing Trends”
– but what does it MEAN? The simple answer? Change.

Marketing trends and Technology go hand in hand these days. When was the last time you looked in the phone book for anything? In fact, when was the last time you were even happy to see one on your porch? The Yellow Pages used to be the go-to information hub for, well, information. I, the Scribble Box Designer, have been working directly in marketing for over 5 years. I continue to get sales calls from Dex, Yellowbook, etc., offering ad space to my companies. I’ve even had clients request that I set them up with a business listing in the directories. Generally, when you have a phone book-based ad, you generate a separate phone number so that you can track the amount of calls you get specifically from that ad. You know how many I’ve tracked over the last 5 years? LESS than 10…and a couple were wrong numbers.

So what IS working today? The obvious answer is the INTERNET, SOCIAL MEDIA, and FREQUENCY. I know what you’re thinking, “Google”, and that’s correct….and incorrect. Most of us have heard the term “SEO” – Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a VERY powerful tool. Basically, if your SEO is running like a Camaro, then when someone searches for your type of service, your company is one of the top results. I was driving through Eastern Washington this last weekend and got hungry in the Tri-City area. I googled “Korean Food” and not only did I get results, but I also had options in order of distance from my location! (That’s thanks to setting up a Google places account, but now I’m getting off topic.) I know what you’re thinking again: “But you said – INCORRECT?”. Yes, I did and here’s why: marketing for a company is like being given a lot of eggs, and relying on Google alone is like distributing them to just one basket. While Google is BY FAR the most used search engine, it is certainly not the only one, and each engine has its own rules.

Beyond googling for something, what else gets you to try a new restaurant, yoga studio, or hair salon? Your friends! My husband’s best friend basically tells us where to go out for dinner and what movies to watch. So how do companies utilize this phenomenon,  short of bribing your pals to annoy everyone with how great you are? SOCIAL MEDIA! It’s a great way to quickly get your message out in the way you want to your adoring fans. Simply getting the word out is not going generate the response you would think – you need to ENGAGE your adoring fans. Your content needs to be compelling enough that they interact with it, comment, and share. The way to go about this is also going to vary depending on what network you are using: Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest….and each has their own special purpose. Seeing an ad on Facebook is one thing; seeing your co-worker “Like” a business page and comment that the service was great is an instant seal of approval.

Now back to Google…sort of. PPC – or Pay Per Click – is a form of advertising using site placements on search results. In other words, the top search results are often advertisements. There will be a small “ad” indicator on the placement to show you which are paid placements. When you click on that result, the company has to pay with real dollars for your site visit. So no matter how fine tuned your Camaro is, someone can PAY to have their placement above yours. That is the difference between organic and paid results, and PPC is here to stay….at least for now.

Quality over Quantity….and the other way around. The phrase “CONTENT is KING” is something marketers throw around to sound hip, but it’s true. Lots of relevant and quality content on your site gets your SEO score up, gives people something to share, and gives your digital presence authority. In fact, that is what I am doing RIGHT NOW. I am creating relevant content for my web site. We are a marketing company, so I am writing about “Marketing”.

All of the things I mentioned tie back into my intro, CHANGE. All of these are in a constant state of flux. Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines are constantly changing their ranking algorithms. The most recent change was that your site MUST be responsive, or mobile friendly. Why? Almost everyone is accessing the web via a cell phone or tablet. The last year showed for the first time EVER that mobile hits were outnumbering desktops. Social Media also is constantly changing. Remember MySpace?

Are you overwhelmed yet? GOOD – you should be! Lucky for you, Scribble Box Marketing is here! Don’t worry about whether or not your <alt> tags are all defined, let us handle it! It is our job to stay on top of these trends and changes FOR YOU. We work with you and your company to make sure you are presented the way you want to be and reaching your target audience with maximum efficiency. This leads me to my NUMBER ONE most important marketing angle..PERCEPTION! What people “think” about you is far more important to your success than just about anything else. You could have the best steak in town, but if people don’t “think” you do, then it’s a moot point. From color schemes, interior design and logos to print materials, websites and more, Scribble Box will ensure that you have a cohesive voice that portrays you in the light you were meant to shine in!

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