LOGOS are the first representative your clients will meet!

Logo Design is one of our favorite services. Logos really are one of the best examples of the saying “A picture is worth 1,000 words!”. Logo Design must reflect the mood of the company, but also communicate the service.

Most people look at logo design the wrong way. They show the logo to people who know all about their company and most people will say, “I love the logo!”  Instead, show your logo to someone who has no idea who you are. And ask this question . . . “What kind of company is this logo for?”  If they pick the type of company you’re in, you have a winner.  If not, it might be time to go back to the drawing board!

We understand logo design, color schemes and typography. We do our best to walk that fine line between giving the customer what he wants but also making sure it fits the brand.  Typically we start by showing you 5 different logos that we think would work great for your company.  If you see one you like, we start doing revisions until you love it.  We look forward to working for you and finding that one simple symbol that represents your company.

Here are some logos we’ve been lucky enough to create for client’s –


Scribble Box Marketing Logos